Secret Lives of the Unemployed

A Kind of Love Story by Liz Bartucci

Onward, Upward


Sadly, Secret Lives of the Unemployed is not a finalist in the BlueCat Screenplay Competition‘s Movie Title Contest. Thanks for your support and for voting. The screenplay itself is still in competition!


YOU got Secret Lives into the Semi Finals.  Voting is now open for Secret Lives of the Unemployed in the Semi Final Round of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition’s Movie Title Competition.    Click link below!  Thanks again for your support

If the title can win, can the screenplay be far behind?



Secret Lives of the Unemployed – The Movie!

It’s been a while since our last update – but Secret Lives of the Unemployed has been making its rounds as a screenplay (and doing well!) Currently, Secret Lives of the Unemployed is currently a quarter finalist in the BlueCat Screenplay competition’s Movie Title Contest.  You can help push it into the Semi Finalist Round !  It is also a contender for the 2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition.

Voting opens September 5th at 9:00am PST and closes on September 12th at 11:59pm PST. The semi-finalists will be announced the following week.  Click here to do so!

As always, thanks for your support…